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Visio Fold

Category: Gazebos, pergolas and umbrellas

La magia della vetrata che scompare

Experience a bright and protected environment by a panoramic window that folds and disappears upon opening.This is the magic offered by Visio Fold to transform winter gardens, terraces, loggias or dehors into unconventional spaces in which to excite and get excited.

Visio is the folding panoramic glass window that protects the internal environment while keeping the awesomeness of the outdoors.

When beauty becomes functional

Visio Fold is a panoramic glass window that protects from bad weather and climate factors without the need for vertical profiles. All its panels slide independently on a single track; they swing open and fold up laterally leaving only a size of 3% of the glazed surface; thanks to the innovative release system, each panel can be easily cleaned on both sides.

Visio Fold
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Product description
The right solution to enjoy the view or simply to create a comfort zone of great scenographic impact. The secret of the Visio Fold window is the panel. In fact, each panel is capable of rotating 90 ° laterally, guaranteeing a total opening of the system up to 97% of its extension.
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Product name

Visio Fold


Protezioni s.r.l.


Aluminium, Steel

Opening: Up to 97%
Single panel width: From 60 cm to 80 cm
Length: Limitless
Production process
Certificate: UNI EN 14351:2016
Wind resistance: UNI EN 13561:2015 - 88 km/h
Glass weight unloading: Up
Thermal insulation: From 0,79 g to 0,82 g
Soundproofing: RW = From 30 dB to 36 dB


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