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Pareo Up Balaustra

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The italian design furnishing fence

The innovative protection for hotels and residential facilities: Pareo Up Balaustra is the unique, original telescopic glass windbreak balustrade, patented and certified to withstand hitherto unthinkable loads and heights.Designed entirely to measure, Pareo Up Balaustra has infinite length possibilities and is the only one that can be modulated in width up to 130 cm per panel.

Pareo is the innovative glass windbreak that lends elegance and exclusivity to any outdoor location.

Press and Open pneumatic system

Equipped with Press and Open - pneumatic system invented and patented by Protezioni srl – Pareo Up Balaustra transforms itself from a parapet to a glass wall up to 2.5 meters high with a single deed. Weather protection is guaranteed without giving up aesthetics and panoramic view.


Balaustra Tuttovetro
L’unica balaustra mobile in vetro a tre pannelli
Product description
The Pareo Up balister is an innovative fence without handrail with vertical sliding glass panels without horizontal profiles that guarantees maximum transparency and excellent shelter from bad weather. The patented pneumatic opening system “Press and Open” allows you to lift the panels to different heights with a small gesture, to control ventilation and climate comfort in complete freedom. The inclusion of LED lighting in the columns allows to identify the protection panel even at night or to delimit spaces with different colors. It is also suitable for environments such as balconies, balconies and penthouses.
L’unica balaustra mobile in vetro a tre pannelli
Product name

Pareo Up Balaustra


Protezioni s.r.l.


Steel, Aluminium


with integrated lighting

Width: 50 - 130 cm
Height: 100-180 cm (2 panels)
100-180-250 cm (3 panels)
Safety glass: Tempered safety glass 10.10.2
Configurations: Linear module - 90° corner module
Production process
Patented system: International patent n. PCT/IB2018/051311
Horizontal weight load resistance: 2,0 kN/m (Istituto Giordano)
Wind load resistance: 88 km/h
Opening: Pneumatic Press and Open system


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