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Palù_chair_design Raffaella Mangiarotti

light and delicate styling

The existing catalogue models, a bedside table and bench seat designed for the night zone, are now joined by an occasional chair and desk, featuring the same embracing, versatile design defined by a series of round vertical wooden rods recalling the rhythmic patterns of a canebrake.

Palù_chair_design Raffaella Mangiarotti
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Palù_chair_design Raffaella Mangiarotti
Product description
Soft rounded forms repeat in every detail, such as the gently inclined curved backrest of the Palù chair. The comfortable, inviting occasional chair has an upholstered seat and backrest.
Palù_chair_design Raffaella Mangiarotti
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Raffaella Mangiarotti






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Raffaella Mangiarotti
Raffaella Mangiarotti designer Pianca

Known for her precise approach, immune to any decorative trend, Raffaella Mangiarotti spent her childhood in a family environment where the culture of the object was palpable, in a house with wooden panelling that evoked the works of Wright, and Nordic style furnishings. She inherited her love of design from her mother and her ingenuity and resourcefulness from her father, one of the first computer engineers. She therefore has a deep-rooted passion for design, which she cultivated further getting a degree in Architecture at the Politecnico in Milan with Tomás Maldonado, gaining experience in the design studio of Marco Zanuso, and then a PhD in Environmental Design. Following in the steps of the great pioneers of twentieth century design, Raffaella Mangiarotti's looks to the future, maintaining the fundamental principles of design in an era of rapid change and innovation.  

“I treat objects as if they were people I show them the same respect and attention that I would show an individual person. My designs seek to 'humanize' objects, giving them expressiveness and a sort of emotion. My goal is not to create a more beautiful or luxurious object, but to give it a soul, a unique personality."