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Siviglia_sideboard_design Calvi Brambilla

Contrasts expressed in detailed design and eclectic customized texture matches

The door front design motif features layering effects and intervals, which creates a bold three-dimensional effect, a physical rather than simply decorative presence.

Siviglia_sideboard_design Calvi Brambilla
Salone del mobile Salone del mobile
Siviglia_sideboard_design Calvi Brambilla
Product description
The movement comes from a repeated series of vertical slats applied in an organic variegated design. As with relief work, the rising and falling dynamic motion on the reeded surface makes each door front unique.
Siviglia_sideboard_design Calvi Brambilla
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Calvi Brambilla






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Calvi Brambilla
Calvi Brambilla Designer Pianca

Imagination and rigour are the pillars underpinning their design method. Partners since 2006 in the studio that takes both their names, Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla have managed to combine intellectual precision and creative fantasy to create a distinctive language representing the synthesis of two at times contrasting personal visions. Imagination, as in the ability to see beyond what is visible, allows them to anticipate trends and propose original, functionally effective solutions. Rigour stems from their technical and scientific training – both have a solid background in architecture and design – and it is the tool with which allows them to turn ideas into tangible reality. A perfect balance of these two elements, the objects designed by Calvi Brambilla are instantly recognizable, with hints of subtle irony, which enhance everyday life, interacting harmoniously with the surrounding space.

“Every project is a chance to try out a new creative process: an object can be created from the response to a specific need or from experimenting with opportunities offered by a material, or maybe by a simple gesture. Sometimes, as with the Pianca Siviglia series, we rework elements of the past to obtain something new and original"