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From Newform’s particular intention to the design of the home of tomorrow on the remnants of yesteryear comes the new IONIKA collection for bathrooms.


The skilled intuition of Architect Alessandra Bertini, the mind and active participant in the project, whose natural ability has given form to a concept never before experimented with by the brand. A new decorative line and a marked aesthetic research thus define the volumes of the series, strongly inspired by Greek- Classical architecture but above all by one of the elements that have enshrined the artistic image of this era: the Ionic column.

With the IONIKA ALLURE version, marble officially adorns the design set of the new series, opening up to refined incursions into the world of decorations. 

From a material whose charm “ça va sans dire”, expectations are high – the new collection seeks to delineate a strong identity of the past that meets the refined luxury of the present.

IONIKA ALLURE avails of white marble to tell the story of the style, class and aesthetic purity of a collection that maintains the status quo of imposing classic architecture. Handles, diverters and adornments are dressed in the new material that today emerges in the Newform material library. 

White, in all its form and spirit, encourages a sense of cleanliness and a delicate noble bearing, almost enhancing the undoubted elegance of those who – or what – “wear” it.

IONIKA SUPREME is the dark suit version of the collection, the obscured nature of a bespoke piece of décor with an extraordinary visual impact.

It is here that black marble proves to be a must of elegance – just like the dress code of a special occasion, with the Supreme variant of the series contextually acquiring an even more chic and luxurious attitude. Always elegant and always in step with a design that aspires to the exclusivity of deluxe environments.

With IONIKA SUPREME Newform responds to stylistic and design needs that start from the assumption of an environment with a classic taste yet strongly decorative and ambitious in terms of exclusivity and research into detail. In this maze of style, material and decoration, the brand serves up a series that savours history, art and aesthetics to fulfil high living ambitions at the table of modern design.