Category: Taps


Upon the emergence of a new experimental method with water, Newform presents the ALKIMIA multifunctional mixer tap, with the motif of a design that explores the concept of hi-tech to then introduce it into the kitchen environment.


In the place where experiments into the chemistry of taste have long been conducted, Newform has added a new collection that transforms the ordinary state of tapware from an accessory to a “household appliance”. 

ALKIMIA is configured as the archetype of a new custom experience of water supply, a unique system that combines the benefits of purified water with the essential functionality of potable water for domestic use.

ALKIMIA prototypes function and reworks aesthetics. Its design upends the usual forms of the kitchen tap, earmarking the position of the standard mixer tap handle, here transferred into the mouth of the tap, with innovative electronic control.

The series fits into the kitchen environment not only as a product innovation butalso as an integration of systems already patented and proposed by Newform.

Indeed, the consolidated Save Water and Energy Saving systems allow for significant water and energy savings whenever the mixer tap is in action. Bold measures that affect small and simple gestures.