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Stackable chair STACK by MIDJ

Midj presents the Stack chair, the innovative and solid stackable chair imagined for the community, which combines the most refined design with the needs of everyday life.

The Stack chair was born from the project of two emerging designers, Martini & Dall'Agnol, in line with the Midj concept 'Design is a wonderful life', in collaboration with the R&D department of the Midj, Officina delle Idee.

Martini & Dall'Agnol play with the onomatopoeic sound and the ease of assembly and disassembly of the chair, thus making Stack intuitive even in the name.

Innovative, stackable and sustainable. Midj presents the Stack chair, imagined for the community, which combines the most refined design with the needs of everyday life.

Sedia impilabile e smontabile Stack di MIDJ
Stackable chair STACK by MIDJ

Innovative, stackable and sustainable: Stack chair design Martini & Dall'Agnol for MIDJ.

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Stack is made up of two elements that join together without screws (patented system). It is therefore easy to ship and easy to assemble, compact and hypothetically infinitely stackable. The design of the seat allows for a composed and comfortable seat. The backrest, which flexes slightly, allows you to sit comfortably for a long time.

The possibility of assembling seats of different materials and finishes such as plastic, wood and upholstery on the same base makes Stack a customizable chair that can be adapted to different environments. In fact, the fulcrum of the project is certainly the base, made up of “compass legs” with a section that allows for solid vertical stacking: the more chairs are stacked, the more the stack acquires stability. Two races extend from the base which act as supports under the seat and contain the aforementioned patented fixing system.

Stack is completely made of polypropylene, a material which in its simplicity guarantees great advantages in terms of sustainability, as it is 100% recyclable. This attention to the environment is visible in the used material, in its production and in its shape, being composed of two elements that join together without the use of screws, thus being easily decomposable.

The Stack chair by Midj is not only a practical and sustainable choice, but it is adaptable and versatile to satisfy any desire and need and adapt to any design and environment.

“In the Stack chair, sustainability rhymes with practicality, thanks to its compact shape, it can be stacked indefinitely; in fact, more than a thousand can be stored in a normal garage." Martini & Dall'Agnol
Designed by
Martini & Dall'Agnol
Designers Martini & Dall'Agnol - Stack chair by MIDJ