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Shower Zen A1S + FS -Megius

Shower Zen

Essential, unique, elegant, Zen.

Over the years, the Megius group has been an interpreter of the changes in taste and style of the shower area, welcoming the challenges of the market as bets to be won.

With the Zen series, Megius offers a complete range of shower solutions, the project that in 2018 has been the workhorse of Megius, renamed as "the impossible shower", because it is marked by revolutionary technical features that make it a product with a few almost imperceptible minimal profiles, where the imperative "less is more" applies; The aesthetics are sure to have an impact, leaving you astonished and astonished, taking your breath away, certainly responding to the needs expressed by private users and the hotel industry, so with Zen the impossible becomes possible.

In fact, the shower enclosure has an upper sliding profile that is only 17 mm high, which is considerably lower than the average 40 mm for traditional showers. Thanks to this, Zen shower enclosures have a greater useful entrance height that is very close to the total height (200 cm).

Zen by Megius - L'unico e inimitabile