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Top Line Mirror

Mirrors illuminated with LEDs

Mirror with front lighting.

The classic of mirrors, perfect for both single and double washbasins, guarantee excellent lighting inside the bathroom.

The Koh-i-noor mirrors, entirely made at the Tradate factory, are a perfect combination of functionality, aesthetics and advanced technology.

Thanks to the absolute quality of the 5mm crystal. the reflection is excellent and without distortions, the silvering with attention to the smallest detail is very durable and guaranteed against oxidation and wear over time.

All the components are made in Italy, guaranteeing the absolute quality of the finished product.

Available in 59 sizes already in the catalog, the mirrors can be customized to the centimeter on request.

The bathroom mirrors in our online catalog can be purchased with various lighting layouts. Each Koh-i-noor mirror can guarantee the highest standards of focusing on the face, even in the center of the mirror, and can be supplied with any socket and switch kits, and anti-fog kits. A choice of great value that will make the bathroom unique and unmistakable, allowing the customer to achieve important objectives of aesthetic satisfaction, functional effectiveness and energy saving of the proposed lighting systems. The LED lighting of the mirror is an efficient solution to keep consumption low without sacrificing high yield and extreme comfort in using the product.

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