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Laundry basket Stresa

Laundry basket Stresa

Laundry basket in MDF covered in fabric

The round shape of the laundry baskets allows for comfortable housing in any position, an element that can range from the bathroom to the laundry room, passing through walk-in closets and children's playrooms.

The laundry basket is made with a structure in MDF covered in linen imitation polyester, with water repellent treatment in 3 colors: Ecru, Gray and Brown. Synthetic fabric interior.

Inside the linen holder a comfortable and functional cotton bag allows not only an easy management of the garments stored in the accessory, but also the maintenance of excellent cleanliness and hygiene of the entire structure. removable interior, made of plastic.

Koh-i-noor laundry baskets are extremely useful items to enrich your bathroom with new features: in fact, they are baskets with an unmistakable style, inside which you can store clothes that are close to being washed, such as - indeed - dirty laundry.

In addition to ensuring substantial usability to the typical needs of Italian families, the laundry racks produced by Koh-i-noor, and today made available in a rich catalog, can well respond to the need to give your bathroom a touch of modernity. .

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