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Davide Groppi - Sampei

Sampei is a special project, an authentic “ready-made”.
Obtained from a fishing rod, flexible and telescopic, it is a delicate and elegant sign, which brings to mind the subtle branches of a willow tree or bamboo canes floating on a light breeze.

Sampei is an unexpected gift, it is the magic of looking up, using light as a hook, and being amazed by so much weightlessness.
A small head atop a long, thin carbon fiber stem.
At the slightest shift, it responds with a slight swaying motion, instilling a rhythm of slow waiting.

Premio XXIII Compasso d’Oro ADI

Sampei is available in two versions: indoor and outdoor.

Davide Groppi - Sampei
Davide Groppi - Sampei
Davide Groppi - Sampei
Davide Groppi - Sampei
Davide Groppi - Sampei
Davide Groppi - Sampei
Davide Groppi - Sampei Outdoor
Davide Groppi - Sampei Outdoor
Salone del mobile Salone del mobile
Designed by
Enzo Calabrese and Davide Groppi

Sampei is the idea of "fishing" for light, that is, of putting the light wherever you want.
For Davide Groppi the light on the table is the most beautiful light, because it is the light of encounter and love and Sampei allows you to do it even when you can't use the ceiling.

Davide Groppi - Sampei
Product description
Available in both indoor and outdoor versions
Floor lamp with dimmer
Adjustable reflector
Available finishes: matt white, matt black
Materials: Fiberglass - Metal
Davide Groppi - Sampei
Product name



Enzo Calabrese e Davide Groppi


orientable, Floor lights, LEDs

Versione indoor: H. 230 / 260 / 290 /440 cm
Versione outdoor: H. 440 cm


Official website

davidegroppi.com/Salone del mobile