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Shadow Geometers.

Collection: Geometrie d'Ombra

Category: Coatings

Shadow Geometers. The beauty of formats and lines.

Geometrie d’Ombra Collection represents the perfect combination between innovative design and traditional craftsmanship. It transforms the ceramic into a visually and artistically striking finishing, able to enhance every space in which they are placed by creating an evocative atmosphere.

Geometrie d’Ombra is a collection of hand-decorated Grès Maiolicato® tiles inspired by geometric shapes such as Circles, Stripes, Squares, Diagonal Lines and Triangles.

“In my search for a design which could capture the heart of the hand decorating tradition by innovating it, I chose to give life to a unique and creative ceramic. I took a white tile and, with a brush full of passion, I drew a perfect Circle. With a firm stroke, sketched a Triangle. With strict touch, I brushed Lines, and with a bold approach, I slanted the lines and traced Diagonal bands. Then, I chose to paint a Square on each tile. Finally, I decided to combine all these tiles together.”
Collezione Geometrie d'Ombra di Ceramica Francesco De Maio - Cerchio Rosa Cipria 60x60cm

“In the very heart of my home, I decided to bring a unique and creative floor and wall tile to life. With a brush loaded with creativity, I traced a quarter Circle on a snow-white tile. This simple gesture began a design project that transformed my living space into an inviting and original atmosphere. 

The Circle represents harmony and balance, the colors reflect light and shadow, creating a three-dimensional effect. The tile, with its rippled surface, adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. A design with a distinct style and strong personality, that transforms the living space into a place in which aesthetics and functionality merge harmoniously.”

Collezione Geometrie d'Ombra di Ceramica Francesco De Maio - Linee Diagonali Rosa Cipria 60x60cm

“In my search for a design that could capture the essence of dynamicity and elegance, I opted for a bold approach: drawing Diagonal Lines on large tiles to create a flooring that is both distinctive and eye-catching. 

The sloping lines provide the space with a sense of movement and fluidity, while the tiles, with their hand-decorated nuances, reflect the colors masterfully, creating plays of shadow and light that add depth and dimension to the living. 

Each space becomes a compelling experience, a journey through lines and shapes that encourage contemplation and admiration.”

Collezione Geometrie d'Ombra di Ceramica Francesco De Maio - Quadrato Rosa Cipria 60x60cm

“In my choice to opt for a classic and sophisticated design, I drew a quarter Square on each tile to create a timelessly styled floor. 

The simplicity and symmetry of the square give the space a sense of order and stability, while the hand-given brush strokes, with their streaks of color, add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the tiles.

Each room becomes an experience of tranquility and harmony, guiding me through clean lines and balanced proportions. The timeless tone, the attention to detail and the unique three-dimensionality of the decor, convert the space into a place of serenity and beauty.”

Collezione Geometrie d'Ombra di Ceramica Francesco De Maio - Righe Rosa Cipria 60x60cm

“Nella mia ricerca di un design minimalista e contemporaneo, ho scelto di creare un decoro che si distingue per la sua semplicità ed eleganza. Utilizzando solo linee che disegnano Righe su ogni piastrella, ho creato un effetto visivo unico che cattura l’attenzione e aggiunge profondità allo spazio abitativo. 

Queste pennellate a mano, pulite e precise, conferiscono al pavimento un senso di ordine e armonia, mentre le piastrelle, con la loro superficie lievemente increspata, riflettono i colori in modo sottile in un gioco di luci ed ombre che aggiungono rigore e dimensione al mio ambiente. 

Lo spazio diventa un’esperienza di contemplazione e riflessione, guidandomi attraverso infinite linee che invitano alla scoperta e all’esplorazione.”

Collezione Geometrie d'Ombra di Ceramica Francesco De Maio - Triangolo Rosa Cipria 60x60cm

“In the process of transforming the living space into an animated atmosphere, I chose to embrace geometry with a bold touch. With a firm stroke, I traced a Triangle on a tile. 

The Triangle, with its sharp angles and decisive lines, represents strength and determination, the tone-on-tone colors create three-dimensionality, and the tile, with its slightly wrinkled ceramic surface, diffuses light and lends a modern touch. 

Through the bold shapes and colors that stimulated my vision and inspiration, the floor became a dynamic and adventurous experience enhances the room into a unique and fascinating place.”

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Geometrie d’Ombra is a collection of hand-decorated Grès Maiolicato® tiles inspired by geometric shapes such as Circles, Stripes, Squares, Diagonal Lines and Triangles. It represents a combination of the handmade tradition of craftsmanship, the technological innovation of the large 24”x24” grès size and contemporary design, which gives to this ceramic for floorings and coatings an element of uniqueness and timeless aesthetic and artistic appeal.

The expert use of the hand-decorating technique creates a shadow effect that gives three-dimensionality to the geometric figures and accentuates them. By giving greater depth and volume, it creates a three-dimensional play of light and shadow that adds vitality to the ceramic surface as if it were a design element in constant motion. 

The shadow represents an unusual and intriguing interpretation of common decorative shapes making them more interesting and eye-catching. The use of 6 chiaroscuros, tone on tone Smoke White, Charcoal Black, Powder Pink, Copper Green, Niagara Blue and Ruby Red, accentuates the shadows that accompany the decorations. They immediately come to life and interact with each other, creating an three-dimensional effect that stimulates the perception and imagination of those observing the floor or wall covering.

In the eternal quest for a design that could be classic while in step with the times, capturing the heart of the tradition of hand-decorating by innovating it, the choice of drawing geometries such as circles, squares, triangles, diagonal lines and stripes, stems from the awareness that geometric figures are timeless decorative elements that give tiles an elegant, refined and sophisticated look, transforming our surfaces into a real piece of furniture.

The circle, with its flawless shape, represents balance and harmony, giving a sense of completeness to the living space. The square symbolizes stability and order, creating an effect of rigor and precision. The triangle, with its angular lines, adds a modern touch to the tiles, creating an interesting contrast between the shape and the background. The diagonal lines, with their movements and directions, introduce an element of vitality to the floor or wall tile. And the stripes, with their rigidity and elegance create a clean and ordered effect by accentuating perspectives in the room. 

The versatility and creativity of this majolica stoneware collection is not limited to the single geometric shape, but extends to the ability to combine decors with each other to create ever changing arrangements of shapes and designs. This ability offers the infinite opportunities for personalizing and enriching rooms with multiple creative and original solutions. Such feature gives the collection an innovative eclecticism and a touch of contemporary style that transforms the floor and wall into an ever-evolving design element.