Manhattan - Wine Cellar

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Arcahorn - Manhattan Wine Cellar

Manhattan - Wine Cellar, mod. 4450

The Manhattan wine cellar combines the purity of forms and the elegance of raw materials with advanced climate control technologies. 

To keep its properties unaltered, wine requires a fresh and humid microclimate. Our storage cellar in matte Makassar ebony and black oak veneer combines two distinct elements, lit with LED lighting.

The right side of the cellar is equipped with sliding trays, designed to display and store 24 bottles of wine, 15 bottles of champagne and 12 magnum bottles. Temperature is adjustable since each compartment is equipped with a separate refrigeration system and humidity rate is kept between 60 and 70%.

The left side of the cellar is not refrigerated and offers ample storage space for all kind of glasses. It is also equipped with removable trays and drawers to keep all necessary tools for preparing and serving drinks. The cellar includes an elegant ice bucket in horn, stainless steel and Amara ebony veneer, four horn coasters and a practical corkscrew in horn and stainless steel. This cellar can also be fitted with a CE certified blast chiller, available upon request.

Manhattan essential lines are elevated by a handle with horn gems nestled in a burnished brass frame. The dialogue between the natural grains of horn and Makassar ebony veneer give life to elegant color combinations that create an exclusive atmosphere.


Overall dimensions: cm 142 x 59 x H cm 200

Designed by
A. Andreucci
Arcahorn - Manhattan Wine cellar - Handle