The Zafferano brand was founded in 2001 by the Venetian designer Federico de Majo.

Zafferano products are designed to meet the needs of the retail sector, private customers and the Ho.Re.Ca. sector: its offer ranges from the most exclusive and excellent objects to products intended for regular daily use in order to meet the demands of each specific market segment. The collections of the company’s three brand divisions represent a world of unique and unmistakable objects. 

In 2005, Federico de Majo returned to the world of lighting by presenting Zafferano Ailati Lights: a brand of luminaires for indoors and outdoors, featuring a specific identity in the decorative and technical lighting fields. Ai Lati collections combine the art of glassmaking with technology: aesthetic research into simple geometric shapes merges with the latest technological standards of new generation LEDs. 

Since 2018, our offer has been enhanced with Zafferano lampes-à-porter : a collection of innovative portable and cordless LED lamps, with a rechargeable battery, allowing people to move about and live with greater freedom, intensity and completeness.
These versatile functional lamps, with touch controls and an elegant clear-cut design, provide the utmost freedom for indoor or outdoor use, so that all activities can be lit up at any time of the day: at a restaurant table, a dinner on a terrace, reading under the stars...
The collection includes a wide range of new models, with different designs and uses, all of them fitted with functions made available by new technologies.
With such a variety of models, Zafferano is now acknowledged as a specialist in this new developing lighting sector.

What if a lamp could light up the unexpected? 

Imagine the atmosphere of a candle. 

Imagine the fidelity of a torch. 

Imagine the design of a sculpture.

Zafferano _ Poldina pro

Zafferano Lampes-à-porter, Poldina pro 

ph: Claudio Mainardi

Zafferano _ Poldina Reverso

Zafferano Lampes-à-porter, Poldina Reverso

ph: Claudio Mainardi

Zafferano _ Pina

Lampes-à-porter, Pina

ph: Caludio Mainardi

Zafferano _ Ofelia

Lampes-à-porter, Ofelia

ph: Caludio Mainardi


Zafferano Lampes-à-porter, Pina

ph: Claudio Mainardi

Zafferano _ Home

Zafferano lampes-à-porter, Home

ph: Claudio Mainardi

Zafferano _ Push-up

Zafferano Lampes-à-porter, Push-up

ph: Claudio Mainardi

Zafferano _Olimpia

Lampes-à-porter, Olimpia

ph: Caludio Mainardi

Zafferano _ Sister light

Lampes-à-porter, Sister light

ph: Caludio Mainardi

Zafferano _ Olivia

Lampes-à-porter, Olivia

ph: Caludio Mainardi

Zafferano _ Swap

Zafferano Lampes-à-porter, Swap

ph: Caludio Mainardi

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

Zafferano Tableware offers a wide rang e of tableware accessories, whose common theme is the company’s ongoing focus on pursuing new shapes and materials, the meticulous attention to detail and style, without ever never losing sight of the functionality of its products. Coloured glass tumblers and accessories, wine testing glasses, porcelainware: a universe of unique and unmistakable products intended to embellish the dining table with colors, each time providing creative combinations of colors and shapes.