We are Vondom. 

we are Design

At Vondom, we have always been known for offering innovative and unique designer outdoor furniture. Since we began our trajectory in 2008 manufacturing designer planters and furniture with simple lines, our hallmark has been innovation. These new collections of outdoor furniture respond to an evolution marked by our search for greater sustainability, incorporating natural, 100% recyclable materials.

We create outdoor atmospheres to ensure we all enjoy nature, the outdoor plants, the fresh air, and the sea. For this reason our duty is to care for and protect our environment.

We created our own Revolution . A decade ago Vondom burst into our lives launching it's new avant -garde products. Hand in hand with the best designers in the world, these products were thought of to ensure a better future.

We lead this Revolution in the furniture industry by implementing eco -intelligence and sustainability.

Our goal is to contribute to the recovery of our Mediterranean scenery, transforming wasted and scattered plastic into long-lasting and recyclable products.

At Vondom, we believe in the commitment to give back to the planet everything it has given us and we are convinced that sustainability is our responsibility.

As a company committed to the environment, we are aware of the importance of “posidonia”, the marine lung of the Mediterranean sea, for the planet. For this reason, we collaborate with Fundació Oceanogràfic València for the protection and conservation of posidonia in the Mediterranean coasts.

We want to do our part to guarantee a sustainable future and protect our marine biodiversity.

Design culture is our key to success. Vondom collections give any space a new dimension and could transform the simplest place into a unique and extraordinary environment.