Unox Casa

Unox Casa

UNOX, the world's best-selling brand of professional ovens, ventures into the high-end residential market with the Unox Casa division. The goal is to bring the performance of the finest Michelin-starred restaurants into the most exclusive homes.

Thus was born SuperOven, the pioneering smart oven that seamlessly integrates the advanced technology of the finest professional ovens with an iconic Italian design tailored for refined and prestigious environments.

Model 1 and Model 1S

Recognising diverse preferences within the luxury spectrum, Unox Casa introduces SuperOven in two distinct configurations: Model 1 and Model 1S. Model 1 stands as a tech totem, channeling the power and versatility of two professional ovens to cater to the demands of intricate culinary endeavours. In contrast, Model 1S takes on a more compact form with a single cooking chamber, embodying efficient and exquisite culinary innovation. With its advanced cooking technology and elegant design, SuperOven has gained recognition as an iconic and innovative product within the industry. This achievement is exemplified by its recent accolade: the coveted Red Dot Design Award 2023 in the Kitchen Appliances Design category. This prestigious honour underscores SuperOven's commitment to excellence and its position at the forefront of kitchen innovation.

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Unox Casa - Model 1S
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Unox Casa - Model 1S
Unox Casa - Model 1S
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Professional performance

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Unox Casa's SuperOven redefines luxury kitchens with its exceptional professional performance. Anchored in UNOX's three-decade culinary expertise and leadership in the professional oven market, this smart oven seamlessly translates the standards of the most celebrated Michelin-starred restaurants into the realm of private elite kitchens. Infused with cutting-edge machine-learning technology, it heralds a new era of home cooking. The easy-to-use smart control panel features presets that unlock cooking methods unavailable in traditional ovens, including grilling, frying, vacuum cooking, smoking, and dehydrating. The oven's revolutionary sensors continuously monitor humidity levels within the cooking chamber, ensuring uniform cooking while significantly reducing cooking times, up to three times faster than conventional ovens. Additionally, SuperOven boasts a built-in ventilation system, empowered by professional active carbon filters, effectively eliminating odours and vapours. Designed for utmost convenience, it even takes care of its own cleanliness. With a simple touch on the screen, it initiates a self-cleaning process using a water and UNOX's patented mild, eco-friendly detergent solution.

Iconic design features

Luxury kitchens prioritise aesthetics, and SuperOven flawlessly understands the fusion of design and functionality. The adaptation from the professional oven market into the luxury residential sphere involved meticulous refinement of aesthetics and user experience, all while preserving the oven's unaltered performance excellence. The result is an appliance that transcends its oven functionality, becoming an embodiment of elegance. Its sleek lines, premium materials, and scrupulous attention to detail stand as a testament to its iconic Italian design. SuperOven's sharp geometric features impart a high recognition value, while the robust handle encapsulates the essence of professional cooking. Its minimalist appearance evokes a desire to own not just the oven, but the values that birthed it – innovation, elegance, and sophistication.

Smart, intuitive technology

At the core of luxury lies convenience, and SuperOven is ingeniously designed to transform gourmet cooking into a seamless experience accessible to anyone, regardless of their culinary expertise. Technologically advanced and cutting-edge, SuperOven is equipped with an easy-to-use digital control panel that opens the door to a world of culinary possibilities. With an expansive repertoire of over 400 cooking programmes, achieving exceptional results becomes effortless. By selecting the type of food and desired outcome, the smart oven autonomously determines the ideal settings, seamlessly adapting to the quantity of food being prepared. This streamlined process elevates the cooking experience for both seasoned connoisseurs and aspiring chefs alike, offering an array of benefits including time savings, convenience, heightened efficiency, and sustainability.

Italian craftsmanship

The luxury experience remains incomplete without impeccable craftsmanship, and SuperOven stands as a resounding testament to UNOX's unwavering commitment to excellence. Designed, built, and meticulously assembled entirely within UNOX's headquarters in Padua, SuperOven embodies the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship. Constructed from durable stainless steel, this appliance is engineered to withstand the test of time, with easily replaceable components that ensure longevity. Over the years, UNOX has cultivated a fully integrated design and production system, allowing pivotal processes to remain in-house. This strategic approach guarantees an unparalleled level of control over product quality, a hallmark of UNOX's dedication to perfection. For these reasons, SuperOven arrives with an unmatched warranty of 7 years or 10,000 hours of use—surpassing any other domestic oven available on the market.