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Siru means balance between art and craftsmanship. A laboratory of ideas where innovation blends with a long experience in the historical art of blown glass. Unique works where research expresses the identity of the tradition of Venice.

The company was born in 1988 in Lido di Venezia thanks to the technical and artistic experience of its founder Rudy Marinotto. Siru combines quality and innovative solutions to the charm transmitted by handmade objects. This feature has allowed to develop a range of products divided into 5 catalogues to meet the design needs of its customers. 

Models ranging from catalog standards to collaboration with designers. The Venetian brand is therefore an ideal partner for design studios and for the custom market.

Artisan tradition and designer design.

The ancient technique of glass blowing in the metal cage is made available for a conceptual reinterpretation, where design objects take on new shapes and new profiles, in a perspective of refined modernity thanks to the collaboration with renowned designers and architects.

Classic is Siru’s line dedicated to timeless models.

The Classic collection is characterized by elegant shapes and distinctive lines. The precious glass, coloured with fusion as per tradition, comes to life within structures composed of stainless-steel filaments. The light with diamond-like reflections envelops each environment to create refined atmospheres, evoking the splendour of Venice imbued with its rich and fascinating history. Art, knowledge and technique result in works with a classic and refined style.

Design is a different way of experiencing light, in a unique and contemporary fashion.

Design and customisation form the basis of the interior design project. The Design collection fully represents the research as constant process to create a non-conformist collection with alternative forms. Instinctive silhouettes, eye-catching textures, neutral tones are the result of the collaboration between Italian and international designers and master glassmakers.

Glass is the glass narrated in all its elegance and purity and represents the minimal design of Siru’s creations.

The expressive potential of the material is enhanced by an unparalleled brilliance, thanks to the meticulous refinement after the fusion. Glass blown using the mould technique results in a fusion of colours, smooth lines and geometric forms. Perfect surfaces, achieved from machining and tools no longer commonly used, create fascinating and evocative refractions. This is the Glass collection.


Piazza | Classic collection, design Siru Lab


Cartesio | Design collection, design Studioventotto


Venere | Glass collection, design Siru Lab

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile
Outdoor is Siru’s line dedicated to models for lighting outdoor spaces.

The Outdoor collection is made by a range of products made in some cases in fine glass, blown inside a stainless steel cage structure. These works allow to create infinite light compositions and illuminate the outdoor space with a precious and elegant style. They create refined and timeless atmospheres on every occasion.

Homeware is the Siru collection that proposes objects for the domestic environment.

The Homeware collection is a new project, born from the collaboration between Rudy Marinotto and the art director Gian Paolo Venier. The products are individual characters, each with its own story and reasons of being. All models can fit into any type of environment while maintaining their identity, without clashing with the objects they relate to.


Accademia | Outdoor collection, design Siru Lab


Drop, Cutout | Homeware collection, design Gian Paolo Venier


Planticus | Homeware collection, design Francesca Smiraglia

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile