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A dream that transcends times, shared generation after generation: that of blending the most refined craftsmanship, attention to detail, the study of lines and materials with creativity, contemporary, essential, architectural, functional design to make life better. This, in short, is Molinari’s idea, an excellence spanning over thirty years, an example of what "Made in Italy" really means.

In occasion of Supersalone, Molinari changes skin. A new identity. It starts with a renewed logo, able to really tell who the new Molinari is. Up to at a series of new products, the result of a stylistic, aesthetic, methodological evolution, whose heart however remains the same as that of the beginnings. A new look, for that factory of ideas desired by Massimo Molinari, in which experimentation, creativity, obstinate search for quality and respect for tradition coexist in perfect harmony.

"In over thirty years we have always remained true to ourselves, convinced that the choices made at the beginning, my parents’ intuitions, are as valid today as they were back then. But we have never stopped modernising, year after year, keeping up with the evolution of international markets, with the renewed needs of the contemporary consumer. We arrive at Supersalone with a clear vision of what the Molinari of the future must look like, convinced that the past is essential to build an even more solid future. Our essential values remain the same: the craftsmanship of our creations, the use of the best leathers, the study and research of materials, and a timeless style. The new look with which we present ourselves in Milan is simply the manifesto of what we have become. Today we are what I dreamt of becoming: a factory of ideas".

Said Massimo Molinari, President of Molinari Design.