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KOSE Collection - Made in Italy

KOSE has been created to rediscover the appeal of ancient handcrafted objects, in the third Millenium, so strongly pervaded by Technology and Omologacy.

The materials employed are natural: clay, wood, gauze.
The sapes are pure and essential.
The manufacturing completely Made in Italy.
These choices make our objects unique: unique as they are completely handcrafted according to old artisanal techniques, created for those who purchase following the emotions of'soul.
Clay, so thin pure and painted with water colors of finished with precious metal effects: platinum, shiny, gold, bronze copper.
Wood panels and wooden objects are painted and finished by hand and their preciousness lies in their apparent simplicity. 

Vase Kose Collection
Vase Kose Collection
Vase Kose Collection
Vase Kose Collection
Salone del mobile Salone del mobile
New Collection 2021

This year's collection creates the conceptual synthesis between the two-dimensionality of the design and the three-dimensionality of the object.

Silhouettes that appear in two dimensions reveal a third, unexpected one. A sense of pleasant vertigo emerges as if we were briefly kidnapped by an optical illusion. The third dimension emerges delicately, affirming a sense of reality, which is added to the idea suggested by the first glance.

The object lives simultaneously into two and three dimensions.

With this new collection, Rosaria Rattin wants to invite us to dare to go beyond the appearance, to discover that the reality that emerges after observation, after the tactile encounter with the object, is always an interesting experience.  This involvement does not detract from the initial suggestion, producing a fuller and more surprising awareness, capable of broadening the point of view from which we contemplate.

We also would like to take the opportunity to celebrate together the 25th anniversary of the the foundation of our artistic creative laboratory.

Kose Nuova Collezione 2021
Kose Nuova Collezione 2021
Salone del mobile Salone del mobile