Irpac - Italian Project

TaIlor Made Kitchens for Contract

Tailor made kitchen supplies for international projects & contracts.



Our business model consist to create tailor made solutions in order to satisfy any type of customer request, regardless whether he is a general contractor, a developer or an architect in charge of them. Supply of cabinets ( kitchens, wardrobes, vanities ) pre-assembled or in kit : the tailoring of our team and the flexibility of our internal structure make us unique for the client.

Irpac is the result of thirty years entrepreneurial experience in the modular kitchen product. Its strory started in 1982 with the foundation of a company manufacturing retail kitchens for the Italian market and evolved in 1994 by opening up to foreign markets both on the retail field and on a large scale working with a contractors.

Internationalization and diversification were due to the intuition and anticipation of a recession that would have sooner or later gripped all developed countries. The prospects and the existing companies highlighted the need for innovative structures able to face the growing international competition and to overcome the extreme rigidity of the companies operating on the markets.

Irpac was established in 2011 in order to operate in international contracts with projects including both small and large number of kitchens characterized by design and quality 100 % Made in Italy.