I Dogi

iDOGI Golden Penthouse

iDOGI Masterpieces from Italy

Established as a family craft workshop in Venice in 1968, iDOGI have grown into a luxury brand in the realm of artistic glass lighting sculptures. Our team of highly skilled craftspeople and designers devote themselves to create masterpieces for the most exclusive clients worldwide. As ambassadors of Italian artistic craftwork around the world, we embrace the heritage of past generations while pushing the boundaries of creativity. The result is an extraordinary fusion of tradition and innovation; an invitation to celebrate enduring excellence and perpetual beauty.

Uncompromisingly devoted to the pursuit of artistic excellence, we shape light to bring our clients’ dreams to life, one exquisite detail at a time. We aim to create majestic masterpieces that are inspirational and contribute to personal fulfilment. Our vision is to arouse wonder through the transformative power of art and light. We imagine a world where our creations light up the path towards a more beautiful and boundless future.

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