Henry Glass


HenryGlass is an Italian company specialized in the production of furniture doors, partition systems, boiserie and tailor made accessories for architecture and interior design.

HenryGlass was born in a territory full of tradition and culture placed between Venice, a famous historic place for the glass, and the interland of the Palladian Villas.

In Mansuè, in province of Treviso, from the raw leaf the door becomes anything the client wants: a glass wall, a boiserie and many other things.

The product is able to satisfy every need for both the lovers of the classic and the ones who likes the modern and contemporary design.

The final outcome is a tailor-made product, a perfect combination of technique and aesthetic.

Since the entire cycle of the doors takes place in the factory, the top quality is guaranteed.

HenryGlass - Manhattan Pivot door

Manhattan _Pivot doors, clear glass, Slim handles, brass finish.

HenryGlass - Wall System

Wall system_Fixed glass and swing doors Manhattan, clear and frosted glass with Ramiè decoration, Life handle, moka finish.

HenryGlass - Adela Pivot door

Adela _Pivot doors, graphite oak, recessed handles.

HenryGlass - Manhattan Pivot door

Manhattan _Pivot doors, frosted glass with Tweed 03 decoration, Square handles, black finish.

HenryGlass - Manhattan Grid

Manhattan Grid 06, Grid 01_External wall sliding door, frosted glass with Grey Plaster decoration, black finish.

HenryGlass - Vitra with Marbling

Vitra_ External wall sliding door, Black Marquinia Marbling decoration, rounded pull handle.

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

The possibility to decorate the glass is an integral part of the HenryGlass offer. The several decorative techniques permit to personalize in a creative way everyone’s own environment through the wide range of the proposed graphics and decorative solutions.

However nothing prevents the Client from proposing a decoration or a personal logo and personalize it to the utmost.

The different chromatic effects suggested by the decorations find match with the accessories finishes that complete HenryGlass opening Systems.

In this way the projects will be always consistent in every detail.

The personalization is guaranteed even in the sizes. Standard heights and widths don’t exist: every door is different from the other and it is tailor-made.

The HenryGlass production

Continuous research and experimentation made by HenryGlass have made design of sophisticated and exclusive systems possible and in some cases even patented.

The solutions devised by HenryGlass have allowed to solve technical problems without neglecting the aesthetic aspects.

Examples are the exclusive collections of frames and the Inside sliding system and the Pivot Door that largely satisfy all the most current design requests.

Even the full-height hinge is among the exclusive HenryGlass solutions, guaranteeing the door opening up to 180 ° for the swing door in an elegant and refined design