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Extremis Panigiri Salone del Mobile 2023

Are you ready to uncover a new tool for togetherness? At Salone del Mobile, we’re presenting Panigiri. Blending warm wood and innovative seating options with a sun-drenched atmosphere, Panigiri is the perfect excuse for a panoramic party! 

Panigiri: the balance between the wild and the serene, tradition and innovation, leisure and ecstatic joy. Panigiri is a Greek festival where young and old join around the table to talk, eat, laugh, drink, and feast. Gathering all - Pan giri.

Extremis - Panigiri - Salone 2023
Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

Who is Extremis?

Strong-willed and Belgian-based, Extremis makes inspiring design furniture that merges necessity and quality to spark interactions that matter. We transform radical ideas into game-changing designs with a positive impact.

It all starts back in the eighties when Dirk Wynants, an interior designer and son of a furniture maker, moved to the other side of Belgium. It was purely and simply out of love that he moved from his native region in the north of Antwerp to the one of the most rural parts of West Flanders. After having settled down, his passion for his family and design pushed him to create Extremis. A brand with a clear vision and a mission: to offer much more than just furniture. A brand that breathes innovation. Since 1994... 

We don't make furniture, we make tools for togetherness

Committed to connect 

As of 1994, Extremis has been swimming upstream with its extraordinary designs. With one goal in mind the company has been making designs that lift the word ‘furniture’. Each piece merges both multifunctionality, necessity, quality, and timeless design, but foremost each piece brings people together. They are something to love for a lifetime and to pass on to the next generations: they are tools for togetherness.  

Desire to inspire 

Extremis does not aspire to simply put beautiful outdoor furniture on the market, instead, it only starts developing an idea if it’s both necessary and useful. An idea that answers a basic need, offers a solution, and makes you look at things differently. That’s exactly what Extremis is all about: transforming radical ideas into game-changing designs. Designs that have the power to change lives, and each design is always a feast for the eye. 


Immortal ideas 

Only those strong ideas have the ability to ripple outward and span decades, instead of years. From that point on, we shape the idea to inspire the future and create the best possible impact. Saying that Extremis creates immortal pieces is not an empty statement. Even after years, Gargantua still proves its value, showing that a picnic table can be both elegant and playful at once. 


Marina combo
Captain's chair
Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

Carefully designed with lasting materials 

Every tool for togetherness has a long history, even before it’s being used by you. In every minute of the design process, they aim to achieve the highest level of eco-efficiency. For Extremis it is essential that the planet remains livable for centuries to come. Reducing transport volumes, using sustainably managed and high quality materials, making optimal use of raw materials, and observing quality standards to guarantee that products last a lifetime. Designed locally, logically and ecologically they create strong and durable products that are ready for the future, carefully made in Belgium.   


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