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A prime producer of reconstituted wood surfaces, ALPI is a professional partner for designers. The company is unique for combining technology with craft-based techniques, using sustainable raw materials, and investing continually in R&D.

Double view/ Vittorio Alpi - Piero Lissoni

ALPI is a leading manufacturer of decorative surfaces made of reconstituted wood. The company was the first to industrialise this process. Alpilignum veneer is made of real wood, produced by taking apart and putting back together a tree-trunk. This creates a material that is not printed, but so designable as to offer limitless aesthetic results.

ALPI represents an undisputed gold standard in wood technology. As such, it is a company of excellence, distinguished by the breadth of its product range and ability to meet the specific requests of a highly diversified client base. ALPI designs bespoke solutions, each of which can be reproduced identically years later, if desired.

The company's uniqueness is given by the perfect coexistence between avant-garde technology and meticulous craft-based procedures; the use of top-quality raw materials; and substantial investments in research and development. ALPI partners with big industries (from automotive to shipbuilding) and international companies specialised in furniture, product design, interior decoration and architectural contracting services. 

ALPI stands out in the worldwide panorama for its direct control over the entire production process, from the trunk to the finished veneer, starting with forest management. Certification by the Forest Stewardship Council guarantees the wood's provenance from correctly, responsibly managed forests in accordance with rigorous environmental, social and economic standards. ALPI is therefore the guarantor of a certified, ecologically sound product.

Profound synergy between ALPI and the design world has originated in long-standing collaborations with exceptional design talents. This lively, continually evolving link led to an alliance with Piero Lissoni, who has held the role of art director at ALPI since 2015.