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This page brings together bathroom furnishings for every need. Different collections and versatile styles create a rich and high-end offering, with close attention to detail starting from the smallest bathroom unit. Below we present an overview of the bathroom furniture available and how to assess your choice.

Bathroom furniture: features and styles

If functionality and durability are the characteristic elements of bathroom furniture, it is equally true that aesthetic qualities count and each contributes to the style you give to the interior. Here we find designerbathroom furniture and modern bathroom furniture, captivating by their creative approach, as well as more traditional ideas, such as the classic bathroom cabinet, with sink, drawers and rectangular mirror. 

Wall-hung or floor-based bathroom cabinets? How to choose

One of the first points to consider is the choice between bathroom furniture resting on the floor or hung from the walls. The first factor is undoubtedly the weight: if the furniture has an imposing volume it is probably best to opt for a floor-based solution, perhaps supported on feet. The wall-hung bathroom unit, on the other hand, is ideal for its compact dimensions and as a way to take advantage of all the space available. The suspended bathroom cabinet is also more convenient for cleaning and helps create an impression of airiness in the spaces, but a drawback is the need to drill holes in the tiles.

Vanity cabinet: points to consider

Entering into greater detail, we find that one of the most important furnishings is the bathroom cabinet with washbasin, available in different sizes, materials, colors and styles. Minimalist design, harmony of forms and quality of materials distinguish the different solutions, veritable artistic creations. Aesthetics, certainly, but without sacrificing functionality. The cabinet with the bathroom washbasin is the one where all the objects used most often are stored, so it is essential that it should be spacious and preferably divided into internal compartments. Among the range available, those combining bathroom mirror and cabinet also enhance the interplay of light and visually expand the interior.

Under-countertop units are often converted into a mix of modular bathroom furnishings, offering maximum personalization.

Bathroom furniture for small spaces: all the options

The sleek forms that distinguish the different bathroom furnishings selected make these ideas perfect even for small spaces. The space-saver bathroom cabinet is generally suspended and already divided into drawers or shelves to take advantage of its whole volume while keeping objects tidy. A smart alternative to optimize the space would also be a corner bathroom cabinet, perfect for being supported even at points that are not usually exploited. A rack mounted over the washing machine provides an extra shelf to place detergents and cleaning products, or even towels and beauty aids. The bathroom column unit also belongs to the category of bathroom furniture for small spaces, an increasingly popular and much appreciated design choice. In this type of furniture, the base occupied is minimal, but the capacity is maximum because of its height.

Custom-made bathroom furniture: a guarantee of beauty and comfort

A bathroom closet made specifically to suit the needs and tastes of the customer achieves an incredibly balanced and efficient result. Many of the products available here are fully customizable.

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