Porzia Bergamasco


Porzia Bergamasco

Porzia Bergamasco is a journalist, critic, curator and teacher, specialising in design and architecture, communication and contemporary aesthetic phenomena. With a degree in Modern Literature, her career began in the mid-80s in Bari, her native city, where she was involved with information, cultural and regional policy, architecture, design and contemporary art, contributing to magazines and working as a press officer for international events and festivals. She lived in Rome from 1991 to 1999, where she also worked in television, before moving to Milan, where she is the curator of the Salone Satellite Award, co-curator of the Milano Design Film Festival and lectures in Aesthetics at the IED. 

She has published monographs on designers and architects and design history textbooks, and co-authored the documentary film Lino Sabattini (2010). She was editor-in-chief of Rodeo, the first free Italian fashion and cultural magazine, from 2000 to 2008, and of the portal aedo-to.com, one of the first online design communities. She currently works with Elle Decor and design agencies, in the fields of research and communication.

She has co-curated a number of exhibitions, including Elle Decor at Work (Milan, 2019), Design for Life (Milan, 2015), 100% Original Design (Milan, 2014 / Rome, 2015), Riccardo Dalisi: L’imprevedibile della creatività (Palermo, 2012) and Storie di Design: Dall’idea alla realizzazione. 48 designer dall’Europa (Palermo, 2009). She has been the artistic coordinator of the works to fit up the corporate museum for Bitossi, the  hundred-year-old ceramic manufacturer in Montelupo Fiorentino, due to open shortly, since 2017.

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