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Young designers bring a whole new perspective to materials


A generation of international designers forge an entirely untrodden path with materials research, inventing new aggregates or using components that have almost completely disappeared, such as parchment. Unusual approaches designed to express creativity and potential but, especially, good ideas from which to draw inspiration.

Pauline Esparon explores the most archaic and fragile side of material with her Pellis parchment suspension lamp. Martino Gamper, a serial recycler, has combined reclaimed wood with plastic to come up with a new composite for his Bi-Compo bench. Marcin Rusak weaves technology with the poetry of nature, encompassing them in resin: he presented his Protoplasting Nature lamp, in which the metal meshes with botany, in 2020.  Duccio Maria Gambi devotes himself to brutalist design, heightening the raw material and using highly impactful colours. Completing the circle, Francesco Balzano, known for his constantly monolithic works in marble, has recently started exploring new avenues with resin.




Original text: Marion Bley

Photo: courtesy by AD France

Magazine: AD France

Publisher: Condé Nast

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2 September 2021