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Milan, a city lab

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Milan’s centre for educational excellence, forging creative and engineering minds. The Polytechnic University of Milan, which a few days ago opened its new Architecture Campus designed by the architect Renzo Piano, is bolstering its presence in the city by investing in living-labs: “spread-out hubs that turn education into an act of social responsibility,” writes Paola Carimati in her article.

A journey through the research centres of the Politecnico di Milano, a leading university facility that is investing in living labs: scattered hubs that transform education into social responsibility. It’s all about education: breaking down the greenhouse effect, zeroing the production of CO2 and triggering the green revolution. Environmental respect can be achieved by opening our centuries-old humanities-based tradition to a contamination with STEM disciplines, because sustainability has increasingly become a question of numbers. In Italy, the gap is of about 30 thousand experts, so cultural and educational institutions are charged with training new professional figures that can guide Italy along the challenge of ecological transition. “The issue is of the utmost importance for the Politecnico di Milano and for the research world in general. Green and digital will be the keywords from here on out”, claims chancellor Ferruccio Resta. In an experimental programme, the university has implemented a series of interdepartmental and international living labs based on green design, architecture, technology (digital and otherwise) in pursuit of economic bur especially social, environmental and ecological wellbeing.


Abstract from the article by Paola Carimati


Photo: Jacopo Gennari

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Originally published June 2021 issue Elle Decor Italia

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29 June 2021