Credit Mae-ling Lokko Camille Blake

Growing in harmony with nature


The latest issue of this UK magazine ponders the “reawakening” of creativity after months of inertia due to the Covid Pandemic. The inborn ingenuity of the design world blossoms into new ideas for sustainable, circular growth, a theme dear to the curators of Milan’s “supersalone”

Environmental awareness continues to drive the “supersalone”, which this year features an easy, modular and reusable display. Forestami is participating with plans to plant 200 trees at the end of the show. Two of the main themes are sustainability and circularity. The new editor of the UK’s ICON magazine, Francesca Perry, presents a series of plans revolving around nature and its relationship with design and architecture, and also reminds us that opportunities for growth and nature can arise from even the most troubled times. “After over a year in which so many of us have existed in a state of stasis and pause, the urge to move forward and grow is almost overwhelming. Around us, too, we see the spurts of growth as nature reminds us that anything can come from the hardest of winters. This issue thinks about that nature, and its relationship to design and architecture.”


Original text: Francesca Perry
Photo: Mae-ling Lokko Camille Blake
Magazine: ICON
Publisher: Media 10 Limited
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21 July 2021