The Exploded View by Biobased Creations

Cutting edge technologies and research are fuelling a green approach to craftsmanship, according to DAMN° Magazine


Leading with the experimental pavilion that was “built” during Dutch Design Week 2021 the Belgian DAMN° Magazine discusses the future of materials of plant origin, from mycelium to fruit, shells, sawdust and much more besides. “Styrofoam, a plastic valued for its versatility and cushoning properties, has a lifespan of up to 500 years and litters 30% of landfill space. As an alternative, some designers are turning to mycelium, a natural material made from renewable resources, whose characteristics mirror those found in Styrofoam and other styrenes. Mycelium is the vegetative body of fungi: a mass of branching fiilaments (hyphae) that spread throughout the nutrient substratum. It is one of the many ingredients that falss under the umbrella of bio-based products sourced from agriculture and forestry, and serves as a substitute for conventional plastic and petroleum-based components, along with other such chemicals obtained from renewable sources.” (read the complete article online)

Magazine: DAMN°
Country: Belgium
Article: “Bio-Based Materials are Revolutionising Building Standards”
Author: Matthew Burgos
Photo: Jeroen van der Wielen, courtesy DAMN°magazine°

3 March 2022