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Wooden buildings are growing ever taller: the Spanish magazine Icon Design discusses the future of eco-friendly architecture and all the advantages of the material destined to take over from concrete, citing three particular examples

Icon Design September Issue

According to Oscar Holland, a journalist who specialises in trends and design, interviewed for Icon Design – El Pais by his colleague Miquel Echarri, “ 'wooden skyscrapers were once the preserve of conceptual designers,' with which the most advanced research has attempted to raise awareness of just how unsustainable continuing to build using enormous quantities of concrete really is. Holland finds it shocking that the construction industry should be responsible for 40% of the planet’s energy consumption and at least a third of all greenhouse gas emissions, and not least that we have not given serious thought to going back to using less polluting materials such as wood. Holland points out a very striking fact: 'the developers of Milwaukee’s Ascent apartment complex… claim that its use of timber represents the equivalent of taking 2,100 cars off the road' ” – click here for the full article.


Magazine: Icon Design – El Pais 
Country: Spain 
Date: 18th August 2022 
Article: The Inexorable Rise of Wooden Building: The use of timber represents the equivalent of taking 2,100 cars off the road.”
Author: Miquel Echarri

14 September 2022