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What will the house of 2023 be like? Arquitectura y Diseño magazine tries to answer by exploring the profound transformation that the domestic universe is undergoing

Arquitectura y Diseño

Arquitectura y Diseño tries to put together “everything there is to know about the immediate future of the home. What will the star materials be? What colors will blend well? What are the investments to make? […] In our 12-page special we tell you how to fully enjoy the home, advising you on the trends that are here to stay. Design on demand, self-sufficient houses or wood as a material of the future are just some of the elements that we develop in the pages of the new issue, a real compass for the times we had to live in" - read the full article here.


Magazine: Arquitectura y Diseño 
Country: Spain 
Date: 17th November 2022 
Article: What will THE HOUSE OF 2023 be like? The December issue has the answer 
Author: Cristina Ros 
Photo: ancient villa in Antwerp, renovated by Daskal-Laperre, courtesy Arquitectura y Diseño 

2 January 2023