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What does the future hold for urban mobility?

The blog ArchDaily analyses the way our movements around an increasingly urbanised world are changing, listing a range of solutions put forward by experts at the France-based Institut pour Ville en Mouvement


In our increasingly urbanized world, everything and everyone has adopted a lifestyle of nomadism,” Dima Stouhi writes in her blog ArchDaily. Just how has moving around cities changed, though? The author reminds us that urban mobility often guarantees access to homes, to medical treatment and to education, in extreme circumstances. This means that it is crucial to come up with new solutions, such as those proposed by the experts invited by the Institut pour Ville en Mouvement, who have explained how they imagine the future of mobility in a series of videos on YouTube.

One of the most interesting contributions comes from Andres Borthagaray, on the mobile schools in Latin America, set up in Colombia and Brazil for soldiers in the armed forces: each vehicle is a classroom devoted to a specific subject.  Then there’s that of Laetitia Dablanc, who talks about Starship Technologies, a company that has changed the home delivery of food into a totally automated service.

François Adoue talks about the TIMM Mobile Medical Unit, a medical vehicle kitted out for taking X-rays, doing ultrasound tests and remote consultations in rural areas with no health facilities.  Jean-Pierre Orfeuil introduces the concept of Energy-Generating Bike-Kiosks: mobile units on bicycles ranged along roads and in public spaces for charging electronic devices and providing WiFi access in African countries.




Original Text: Dima Stouhi

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10 November 2021