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Urban planning for a zero emissions world


To mark World Architecture Day 2021 on 4th October, the blog ArchDaily put together a selection of current challenges to which this discipline is called to respond.

The theme of this year’s World Architecture Day was A Clean Environment for a Healthy World. Held on 4th October, coinciding with the UN’s World Habitat Day, the topic of which was Accelerating Urban Action for a Carbon-Free World, given that cities are responsible for around 70% of the world’s carbon dioxide. 

The blog ArchDaily selected a series of articles on projects that illustrate the challenges facing architecture in 2021 to celebrate these commitments to sustainability.

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from being over. Yes, things are finally improving, but the promised immediate revolutions as a consequence of the pandemic aren't here yet—regardless of how appealing is to declaim that everything will change. However, we keep looking to the future and foreseeing potential changes,” the author Nicolás Valencia said in his presentation.

The selected projects address various themes, from the need for architects to be aware of the role of CO2 in our Iives to greenwashing, rethinking the food chain, the new frontiers in robotics and neuroscience,  domotics and the migrant crisis. The list also includes two references to “supersalone” 2021: an interview with Stefano Boeri on democratic design and sustainability awareness and a list of the top 5 installations in Milan, which includes the Circular Lab by Mario Cucinella Architects and Carlo Ratti’s School Of Sustainability and Natural Capital.




Original Text: Nicolás Valencia

Photo: courtesy by Getty Images

Magazine: ArchDaily

Published by: ArchDaily

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2 December 2021