Bun Burgers

Twenty places to visit in Milan, selected by Archdaily  


Recent openings as well as historical must-sees, in the online magazine Archdaily’s list of 20 spots: “A global city and cosmopolitan hub, Milan is mainly recognised today as a fashion and economic center, widely coveted by visitors from around the world. It is the second most populated city in Italy and hosts some of the major fashion and design related events in the world. Milan also houses prestigious educational institutions, many of which are renowned for heritage and conservationist specialties. The latter is quite relevant, seeing as the city's most recognisable tourist attractions are the gothic Duomo di Milano, Santa Maria delle Grazia or the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, amongst other classical and baroque sites. It's in fact this marriage of the beautifully crafted and often ornamental heritage with the modern and contemporary monuments that makes its unique style.” (full article)

Magazine: Archdaily 
Article: Milan City Guide: 20 Projects to See in Italy's Fashion Capital 
Author: Hana Abdel
Photo: Bun Burgers Dell'Orso Milan, designed by Masquespacio, ph. Gregory Abbate

30 May 2022