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Pinterest trends 2023 moodboard

The transformations of contemporary interiors might be read through social networks: Elledecor.it guides us through the Home section of Pinterest Predicts, the annual report of the homonymous platform 

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“What awaits us in 2023? In the field of design, many are confronted with forecasts for the future: from research institutes that try to draw up interior design trends to color experts who suggest what colors we will see everywhere next year. A valid help to understand the trends of 2023 also comes from Pinterest which, with Pinterest Predicts, offers "a window on the future, from the place where people go to plan it". “Pinterest trends are not meteors destined to vanish into thin air,” they write. “They are in fact characterized by a prolonged monthly growth, which exceeds the rest of the web by more than 21%. Long-term investment in R&D activities is also reflected in all the trends we foresee." The document is a complete report that ranges from beauty to fashion, from entertainment to food and beverage, obviously passing through the Home section, dedicated to the evolution of living spaces" - read the full article here.


Magazine: Elledecor.it 
Country: Italy 
Date: 23rd December 2022  
Article: If Pinterest can predict the future, this is what interiors will look like in 2023 
Author: Carla Amarillis 
Photo: source Pinterest Predicts 

16 January 2023