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Thirty-something young Italian designers dazzled creativity

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Italians by birth, Europeans by education and work experiences. AD France brings us the stories of “architects, designers, artists and sometimes all three at once, these young creators breathe new life into the Italian and international scene with their inventiveness.”

Won over by their multidisciplinary inventiveness, the AD France editorial team meet five young Italian artists who have already made their presence felt on the cultural scene and in the design industry. Alessandro Moriconi, a creative consultant with a warm neoclassical style, interrogates the clinical tenets of minimalism in his first real project – an aesthetic studio approached as an apartment. Giuseppe Arezzi, with his contemporary vision of tradition, prefers to distance himself from the legacy of the Italian masters. Nevertheless, his Binomio multifunctional furniture and the Manico armchair attracted the attention he deserves. Bea Bonafini, a multidisciplinary artist with a hyper decorative approach, invades space with her carpets and abstract tapestries, creating harmonious and symbolic landscapes. Lucia Massari set up her studio in Venice and started experimenting with glass, combining traditional techniques and her professional studies at the Royal College of Art. Her glass objects tell a story of passion and creativity through colour and attention to detail. For the past fifteen years, Samuele Brianza has worked as an architect and interior designer with luxury brands. In 2020, he presented his first collection of limited-edition furniture, Primo a modular system made up of load-bearing elements in Paonazzo marble. All this makes us hungry for more …


Text: Sarah de Beaumont, Oscar Duboÿ, Aurore Lameyre, Cédric Saint André Perrin, Christian Simenc
Photo: Jeroen Verrecht
Magazine: AD France
Published by: Les Publications Condé Nast S.A.S.
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8 July 2021