Interni & Decor
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The “objects that bring new conversations to everyday life” are the ones at the core of the magazine Interni&Décor's article on how emotional elements, thanks to interaction, can move people’s hearts 

Interni & Decor cover october 2022

“When imagining the world of the future, the first thing that comes to mind is a gray city that is strange and convenient but bleak. This is because is believed that technology, which is advancing at a frightening speed, will not only push out analog methods based on human power, but also take away the place of human emotions. In fact, with the development of technology, various human alienation phenomena appear and emerge as a social problem. However, analog elements that were thought to disappear quickly areunexpectedly surviving for quite some time” - read here the full article.


Magazine: Interni & Decor 
Country: South Korea 
Issue: October 2022 
Article: Create New Interaction 
Author: Han Seong-ok 
Photo: courtesy Interni & Decor 

16 November 2022