NFT digital voice gems generated by human voices: a new sustainable resource story featured in Surface Magazine


The Miami Beach-based US Surface Magazine reports on the launch of the Voice Gems Meta-Museum, a virtual sound gallery in the metaverse, a Brutalist space in which huge screens feature digital gems generated by human voices: “It’s the brainchild of the beatboxers, vocalists, and artists Harry Yeff (who goes by Reeps One) and Trung Bao, who teamed up to develop a generative system that creates the digital sculptures by translating voice data into more than 200,000 individual particles with distinct colors and forms that come together to resemble a gemstone […] ‘No system is perfect, but if we continue to mine the earth’s physical resources, I’d like to simply introduce innovative and provocative alternatives using technology.’” says Yeff. (full article)



Magazine: Surface
Country: United States of America
Article: Your Next Engagement Ring Could Be a Voice-Driven Digital Sculpture
Author: Ryan Waddoups
Photo: Voice Gems Meta-Museum, courtesy Surface magazine

22 February 2022