“Happy Architecture” – Yes, it can be done

Salone del mobile

Platform’s late-summer issue sets out to document happiness in design, starting with Elena Salmistraro’s eccentric world and moving on to a series of architectural, design and interior decoration works in which designers were not afraid to dare.

In Platform’s editorial, Luca Molinari explains that the feeling of Happiness is closely related to design. It may seem hard to define happy architecture, but every time we walk through a well-designed space, even if it is unconscious, it arouses feelings in us, sometimes of well-being. Exploring this line of reasoning, the late-summer issue of Platform is entirely dedicated to happiness, not least with the return of the Salone del Mobile.Milano and its “supersalone” event. To celebrate this, the magazine showcases designer Elena Salmistraro and her eccentric, original design world, accompanied by a sequence of works ranging from architecture to interior decoration. Among others, we find Gehry Partners’ Luma Art Tower, Tadao Ando’s Pinault Foundation in Paris, and designs from Open Architecture, Parisotto + Formenton Architetti, Fala Atelier, Italo Rota and, moving on to interiors, Valeria Aretusi, NOA* (Network of Architecture) and Luca Galofaro to name but a few. This issue sets out to become “the recipe for architectural happiness”. 




Video: Michele Foti

Original text: Luca Molinari

Magazine: Platform 

Publisher: Publicomm srl

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14 October 2021