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For many of us, September signals the end of the holidays and a return to the old routine. In a bid to establish a new equilibrium, we decided to spend the last few warm days of the season feasting on the reflections in the Finnish Asun Magazine, which invites us to embrace community life again, mindful of everything, and everyone, around us.

Time trickles by unhurriedly, days are carefree, and we can slowly go back to travelling. By car, by train, on motorways or on paths that have yet to be built. In search of abandoned quarries, fairytale ponds, admiring infinite expanses of flowering fields, while the sun sinks far away, before rising again. It’s time to be bold again, to follow our hearts, to lose ourselves. In stunning gardens, perhaps, or on guided tours through ancient castles or, why not, in art museums, or among jubilant crowds at a concert. The important thing is not to forget the secondary stops, the places we stumble across between setting off and arriving. Finally we can go home, spend time with our families and do the traditional domestic things. We can go trekking along the path behind our homes, appreciate nature and revel in its landscapes. We can allow ourselves to be transported by slow summer mornings and even more so by lively, never-ending nights. We can learn new hobbies, such as pottery, growing fruit and vegetables, travelling with a good book. The summer edition of Asun opens the doors to characterful homes for down time, at the sea or overlooking lakes, with suggestions of wonderful places to visit in Finland, from the imposing home and atelier of the sculptor Laila Pullinen to the baroque Louhisaari Manor, both open to visitors during the summer.




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23 September 2021