Capsula Mundi

Domus chooses the ten projects that have made, are making and will make the history of the pas de deux between design and sustainability: a selection of experiences that "anticipated sustainable visions and experiments"

Domus 1073

“...In a world where resources are increasingly scarce, and ecological imbalances are becoming more threatening every year, sustainability takes the form of increasingly structured and highly promising approaches to repair the imbalances around us. Circularity is certainly one of them. Fighting against an extractive model, the extension of a product’s life cycle impersonated by the circular economy becomes an opportunity to rethink the economy and the way entire production cycles are structured” - discover here the complete article with the gallery of the ten projects. 


Magazine: Domus 
Country: Italy 
Date: 3rd November 2022 
Article: The essentials: 10 key projects to understand sustainable design 
Author: Giulia Zappa 
Photo: credits Capsula Mundi 

23 November 2022