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Along with attention to materials and circular economy projects, the issue of sustainability also relates to industrial technology, production lines and infrastructures. AD Italia discusses it in an article on virtuous green ideas.

They were on everybody’s lips during the September edition of “supersalone.” The themes of the sustainability and circularity of the planning and the exhibition display were brought back under the spotlight and were uppermost in the minds of Stefano Boeri’s team, which came up with a recyclable and modular installation, guaranteed to have a far smaller impact than the past. In addition, thanks to a collaboration with Forestami, 200 trees were brought in to welcome visitors at the Rho Milan Fairgrounds. AD Italia has taken up these contemporary and urgent green issues, showcasing buildings that cut waste and improve air quality, from the elephant house in Thailand to the international climate hub in Denmark, in which autochthonous plants improve the internal microclimate. Furnishing brands are also doing their bit: SCIC Italia has covered its 70,000 m2 roof with photovoltaic panels, devoting particular attention to the materials used. Porro is dedicating itself to the circular economy with technological innovations, working towards Industry 4.0 and generating new natural products, such as paint derived from the by-products of rice cultivation in collaboration with Ricehouse, and undertaking social sustainability projects with Elisa Ossino Studio. Ditre Italia and Tiziano Guardini have come up with the first totally green sofa, in terms of both padding and disposal. The in-depth coverage of sustainability also touches on on Eco-Tech, the trend for experimenting with new materials and rediscovering ancient practices, ranging from Other Matter’s bioplastic to Schuco’s eco-sustainable ultra-thin aluminium profiles. Overproduction and disposal also come under the spotlight: as in nature, in which everything is reborn, waste materials become a valuable resource. Ideas, solutions and companies for new, sustainability-driven design. 




Original Text: Alessia Delisi

Photo: courtesy of Ditre Italia

Magazine: AD Italia

Published by: Condé Nast Italia

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11 October 2021