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An anthology of seats, put together by Elle Décor Japan

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It is a 2012 photo of Mr. Keiji Nagai that opens the article "Chair of Destiny" by Elle Decor Japan. Nagai, a famous collector of chairs, has bought, restored and photographed them between 30 and 50 a year since 1988, and then sent their images as New Year cards or greeting cards to friends in Japan and abroad. "The age of the chair has come around again," states the article. “As people spend more time at home and their activities at home become more diverse, from working to eating to relaxing, many are beginning to realize the richness of a life with a cherished chair. In this issue, we will recommend chairs by category along with episodes from creators who have encountered the  ‘chair of destiny’.” (discover the issue here) 


Magazine: Elle Décor Japan 
Country: Japan 
Article: “Chair of Destiny” 
Authors: Sanae Sato, Yuko Suzuki, Takahiro Tsuchida, Shiyo Yamashita 
Photo: courtesy Elle Décor Japan

7 April 2022