AD Italia

AD Italia is rewriting its history, hot on the heels of Africa’s design renaissance


Trade fairs, museums and big-name galleries are hailing the trailblazing languages of a people delving into their roots in Africa and its diaspora to find new ways of narrating their culture [...] Nowhere more than in Africa and its offspring do we sense so powerful a need to upend a righteous silence and give the world a dizzying range of savoir-faire that mingles age-old rites and cutting-edge creations, traditional techniques and pioneering technologies. In short, there’s a yearning to rewrite history, the true history of Africa." (full article)

Magazine: AD Italia
Country: Italy
Article: “Africa Dreamin’: the new creative voices that are conquering the world”
Author: Valentina Raggi
Foto: collection Homecoming, TheUrbanative, ph. Aart Verrips – via AD Italia

1 April 2022