At the "supersalone", chairs narrate the evolution of society

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With 30 Compasso d’Oro award-winning chairs and another more than 100 having netted honourable mentions, Take Your Seat / Prendi Posizione, curated by Nina Bassoli, evidences a great truth: chairs bear witness to and are the political, social and cultural expression of their times.

Through its collaboration with ADI/Compasso d’Oro Award, “supersalone” will host the great project-installation Take Your Seat / Prendi Posizione. Conviviality of the Chair / Solitudine e Convivialità della Sedia, at the Rho Milan Fairgrounds from 5th to 10th September, further enlivening the special Salone del Mobile.Milan event curated by the architect Stefano Boeri with ideas and food for thought.

The chair is the star of the show. Or rather, more than 130 chairs are. Because no other object can better summarise the value of design over time. Whether it’s a passing trend or serving to interpret an epoch-making idea. This has informed a unique narrative journey, from 1954 to the present day, illustrating just how design, through the changing forms (but not only) of the chair has channelled the great changes in society, responding to the new cultural paradigms with inventions, vocabularies and totally original content.

The truly stunning installation, devised by Alessandro Colombo and Perla Gianni Falvo, will ensure that the exhibition generates huge emotion amongst its visitors, while conveying information that will make it easy to focus on and understand an era – its political and social structure and its cultural paradigms – simply by looking at its chairs, the materials from which they were made and the aesthetic approach that shaped them. Audio-visual content will plunge visitors into a theatrical and immersive atmosphere that they can explore like a landscape, guided by their own curiosity rather than a fixed, set itinerary, alighting on models that interpret the different eras – from the Fifties boom through the revolutionary 1968 protests, and the Seventies oil crisis right up to ecological and environmental issues and the most salient contemporary question marks.

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4 August 2021