Salone 2023: interior design ideas inspired by everyday life

masiero, cordea, salone milano, lighting, design product

Masiero, Cordea Dimore, design Favaretto&Partners, photo courtesy

Lighting, sofas, seating and storage offer reassuring design with comfort in mind

The home transformed, ever more cozy and relaxing. The latest Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023 home interior design developments convey a narrative based on family memories and habits, conjuring up environments where comfort reigns, alongside elegant atmospheres in which the ultimate goal would appear to be to banishing worry, anxiety and frenzy from the home.

From lighting and sofas to storage units and bookcases, softness and gracefulness lead the way through 1950s-style divas and spotlights, gently reinterpreted industrial warehouse lighting, a tray of chocolates, car bumpers.

Sometimes in surprising materials, cleanliness-inspired design eschews all aesthetic details beyond the essential: in lamps, leather next to steel; in seating, metal structures take a star turn; in bookcases, steel walls conceived to be supported by curving structures. The search is on for ergonomics and eclectic usage that render furniture comfortable from the moment it is chosen.

calligaris, carv, library, modular, living room, salone milano

Calligaris, Carv, photo courtesy

slamp, la lollo, light, light design, euroluce, salone milano

Slamp, La Lollo, design Lorenza Bozzoli, photo courtesy

connubia, shelfy, bookcase, metal, salone milano

Connubia, Shelfy, photo courtesy

renzo serafini, piattino storto, euroluce, light design, salone milano

Renzo Serafini, Piattino Storto, photo courtesy

pianca, fedra, armchair, white furniture, salone milano

Pianca, Fedra, design Pier Luigi Frighetto, photo courtesy

lacividina, agetti, armchair, yellow, furniture, salone milano

LaCividina, Agetti, design Garcia Cumini, photo courtesy

calia, boero, sofa, salone milano

Calia Italia, Boero, design Saverio Calia, photo courtesy

kartell, tea, applique, light, salone milano, lamp

Kartell, Tea & Tea Applique, photo courtesy

zanotta, couch, sofa, salone milano, yellow

Zanotta, Bumper, photo courtesy

masiero, cordea, dimore, light, lamp, euroluce, salone milano

Masiero, Cordea Dimore, design Favaretto&Partners, photo courtesy

5 May 2023