From SaloneSatellite to la Rinascente: stories of emerging talents

Studio marfa, salone milano

Atlas collection, design Studio Marfa, photo courtesy

The message of the partnership between SaloneSatellite and La Rinascente is  belief in young designers and their vision, with some of the most promising projects from the 2022 edition of the event on sale from 17th October to 14th November

SaloneSatellite and la Rinascente have renewed their partnership for the 8th year running, opening the department store to 5 international designers and design studios that stood out during the last edition of the event founded and curated by  Marva Griffin.

From 17th October to 14th November, 11 very special products will be on display and on sale at the Design Supermarket, chosen for the attention paid to materials and the environment, the immediacy of their design and their great eclecticism. Objects that channel aesthetics made up of pure lines and forms, the quest for versatile and intelligent yet poetic solutions and techniques that marry innovation and craftsmanship. Products that demonstrate how little the young designers are afraid of putting themselves forward, experimenting, taking risks and cultivating a greener future with raw and eco-friendly materials, slow practices, upcycling and recycling.


The following are the selected objects and their authors. Luca Fantuzi of AINTDSGN (Italy) has come up with Hang: a vertical bookcase in polished steel and black full-grain leather straps. His design approach aims to communicate the attraction of materials, forms and everything around us. Because when we are busy with things that seduce us, we grow and we evolve.

aintdesign, salone milano

Hang, design Aintdsgn, photo courtesy

Emanuele Ferraro of Atelier Ferraro (Germany) designs objects that are visually engaging, sustainable and geared to the contemporary user. His intention is to give shape to the concept of the adaptability, reuse and reduction of materials. Superlight is a versatile collection,  channelling simple lines but with a powerfully ironic charge; Folded is a wall-hung piece of furniture that works as both a shelving system and as a mirror, according to how it is configured;  From the Moon is a lamp with a floating globe of pearly light above a blown glass base; the slit highlights the fragility of the material, making for a metaphorical piece referencing the delicate balance in which our planet exists, and inviting us to look after it. 

atelier ferraro, salone milano, folded

Folded, design Atelier Ferraro, ph. Fabian Frinzel

At the intersection between art and design, the collaboration between Charlotte Gigan and Martin Duchêne of Studio Biskt (Belgium) is characterised by the duality and the contrast that binds them together. A dual universe in which ideas are spawned by the hybridisation of industrial processes and manual skills. A great many experiments lead to the creation of objects with new forms that draw inspiration from both the architectural and the industrial fields.

biskt, tulumba, salone milano

Tulumba, design Studio Biskt, ph. Kaatje Verschoren 

Florestan Schuberth and Janis Fromm of Studio Marfa (Germany) seem to want to look beyond the product to allow the narrative element to emerge. Curiosity is what drives them towards new perspectives on objects, spaces and interiors. Atlas is a collection, made up of a coffee and a side table, which reflects on the use and processing of materials. These are contemporary tables, made of travertine and glass. Clean and symmetrical. Smooth on the surface, but with an unexpected natural disruption that serves to highlight the raw stone.  Transparency, reflections, light and shadow serve to characterise the glass tabletop.  

studio notte, salone milano

Lina and Minas, design Studio Notte, photo courtesy

Luisa Alpeggiani and Camila Campos of StudioNotte (Italy) explore the possibilities born of the meeting and clashing of two different cultures – Italian and Brazilian – as if they were the heart and soul of the same entity: one classical and the other exotic, one traditionalist and the other mystical, both passionate. Their objects are precious, ethereal, mysterious at times, taking their cue from dreams, and always a balance of design and one-off. At La Rinascente, they are showcasing Lina, a monolith that, when several are stacked, changes from a table to a shelving system, and Altea, a soft and generously shaped ceramic watering can, half woman and half spirit that, with its proud, decisive self-assurance, protects and takes care of plants both inside and outside the home.


See you at the next edition of the SaloneSatellite, from 18 to 23 April 2023.