In the run-up to the Salone 2023: a selection of tables

frigerio, elly, salone milano

Frigerio, Elly, design Gabriele & Oscar Buratti, photo courtesy

The designers of 2022 for dining tables, coffee and side tables have focused on contrasting materials, stylistic simplicity and the alternation of voids and solids

The table is perhaps the humblest piece of furniture in the places where we spend most of our time. Homes, offices, but also meeting rooms or hangouts. 

The dining table and its sidekicks the coffee table and side table have a significant functional importance in our lives, leaving little room for creative imagination. Or rather, it does not allow us to ignore the rules of size and the laws of gravity. Precisely for this reason, the designers of the models presented in the previous editions of the Salone del Mobile.Milano devised innovative solutions, especially in the combinations of materials and variations in finish, often playing on contrasts. So leather is combined with marble, solid wood changes thickness in structural construction, glass alternates with metal. Here we present a selection of products as we look forward to discovering all the novelties at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023.

annibale colombo, kong, salone milano, table

Annibale Colombo, Kong, design Alberto Pozzoli and Alex Bocchi, photo courtesy

cattelan italia, albert keramik, salone milano, table

Cattelan Italia, Albert Keramik, design Giorgio Cattelan, photo courtesy

classico, sol, salone milano, side table

Classicon, Sol Side Table, design OrtegaGuijarro, photo courtesy

porro, materic, salone milano, table

Porro, Materic, design Piero Lissoni, photo courtesy

de sede, ds5250, salone milano, side table

De Sede, DS-5250, design Rafael Parga, photo courtesy

Turri, soul, salone milano, table

Turri, Soul, design Giuseppe Viganò, photo courtesy

karimoku, st01, salone milano

Karimoku, N-ST01, design Norm Architects, photo courtesy

point, lis, salone milano, small table

Point, Lis, design POINT Studio, photo courtesy


Opinion Ciatti, Koji, design Lapo Ciatti, photo courtesy

frigerio, elly, salone milano, table

Frigerio, Elly, design Gabriele & Oscar Buratti, photo courtesy

22 March 2023