Nika Zupanc and the Deep Collection by Natuzzi

Deep Collection by Natuzzi

This collection seems to have emerged from the waves in the Adriatic Sea and is similarly easy to sink down into. A range of furniture pieces that are emotional experiences first of all, conveying a sense of comfort and serenity.

The Deep Collection in just a few words.

Inspired by the Adriatic Sea, the collection is here to give comfort to your soul, like the depth and vastness of the oceans, but also like the ever present, never changing, reassuring, calming and eternal familiar feel of the Adriatic sea, which both the people at Natuzzi Italia and I know very well. The Adriatic Sea represents our communal home and the spiritual birthplace of the collection, in a beautiful and meaningful way.

What were you trying to achieve?

The collection was designed to be deeply steeped in our roots, immersed in our attitude to our environment and to adhere deeply and truly to the new design philosophy Natuzzi Italia and I have chosen to share and express through it. 

In this project, was the inspirational concept or the study of the materials the most important thing, from which everything else derived?

Initially, the most important thing was the story and the concept, the symbolic meaning – but that already also included the use and selection of the materials, right at the start. I think the two concepts are inseparable. I believe a mutual love of the sea and the surrounding nature engendered a special focus and responsibility when it came to the selection of materials that we chose to work with. Therefore, we chose materials with long-lasting value, such as metals, stone, terrazzo, ceramics, glass and high-quality fabrics during the design and production process, with the aim of creating, designing and producing a selection of furniture capable of lasting for generations, furniture that can be passed down. On the other hand, we used recycled materials and green materials wherever possible and logical, geared to showing recycled materials in a new light with a new meaning and appeal. 

What kind of relationship grew up between you and the product?

There is always a very strong relationship between me and the product, you really have to do your best in order for the product to be the representation of the concept and the idea you envision, but it also has to embody all the technical and financial requirements — and managing to balance all those things, following through until the very final product is the essence of my job.

How/where do you see this product in 10 years’ time? 

Hopefully it will become a Natuzzi Italia ‘classic,’ one of the products that represents the brand and its philosophy.

Deep by Natuzzi
Deep by Natuzzi
Deep by Natuzzi
Nika Zupanc

Nika Zupanc

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29 June 2021